Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychologist

Dr. Charles E. Gutierrez, Ph.D.

Once the decision has been made to have your child/adolescent or yourself evaluated by Dr. Gutierrez, the next step is to call our office at 210-354-1186. You will reach one of our dedicated Office Specialists (who speaks both English and Spanish), who will collect vital background data about the patient and family, reason for seeking treatment and insurance information – please have this information readily available when calling. NOTE: If there is an open CPS case, we will NOT be able to see your child. During the initial call, an appointment will not be scheduled until we receive insurance approval.

After insurance approval, our Scheduler will contact you to schedule your first appointment; note - it can take up to two weeks to be seen. This will be the first of three total appointments. PLEASE BE AWARE, THE FIRST TWO APPOINTMENTS HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO LAST ANYWHERE FROM TWO (2) TO FOUR (4) HOURS. The patient MUST attend all three appointments.

Patients are required to complete a new patient packet. As a convenience, forms can be found on our website (under the Forms tab) to be completed online, then printed or a blank copy can be printed and completed by hand. Bring your completed new patient packet to your first appointment. Patients who complete their paperwork first, will be seen first. Completed paperwork allows Dr. Gutierrez and his staff to be fully prepared for your visit, plus it can help

in reducing the amount of time at our office. 

Additionally, for the first appointment, bring the patient's insurance/Medicaid card, patient's Social Security card and ID card (if the patient is a child/adolescent, we require the parent/guardian's ID card). If the child/adolescent is adopted, bring the adoption papers. If you have legal custody of the child/adolescent, bring the signed court papers. Again, bring your completed new patient packet.

Third/Final Appointment

The second appointment consists of psychological testing. Determined from the first appointment, some or all of the following Psychological Testing subsets may be administered:

• Intelligence Testing
• Achievement Testing
• Emotional State and Reality Testing

These tests will assist in determining the differential diagnosis, such as ADHD, Clinical Depression and Academic Placement.

Wait time for this visit could be as long as two (2)

to four (4) hours.


At the third and final appointment, Dr. Gutierrez will discuss the Screening Test results. He will also provide a one page report, from the screening test, 

to take home. Depending on the diagnosis, the patient may be referred for various treatment plans, to include a psychiatrist for medication.

What to Expect at Your Appointments

The first appointment consists of an Initial Consultation. During this session, the patient’s history is reviewed. Based on this information, Dr. Gutierrez will determine which testing measures need to be administered during the second appointment.

Wait time during this visit could be as long as two (2) to four (4) hours.

​First Appointment

Second Appointment